Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hilton Head Island’s beach matting helps everyone!

Coligny Beach Park MattingDid you ever notice that most of the entrances to the beach on the Island have blue matting that makes it easy to walk on the soft sand before you get to the hard packed sand? Well you can thank Bart Brophy who in 2002 rallied support for a way to get people who use wheelchairs easier access to get down on the beach. As a quadriplegic who found the nonprofit Access Disability Action Center he worked with the town to get the matting installed at most of the public beach access.

The woven polyester material is ridged and has a hard surface that makes it easier for traditional wheelchairs to get all the way to where the harder packed sand begins. The added benefit is also realized by any one on a bike, pushing a stroller or pulling a cart full of beach stuff.
Beach Wheelchair Sea Pines Hilton Head Island
There are also beach wheelchairs that with their big tires make the going easier for anyone pushing someone along the beach. They can be rented during your stay and at some of the resorts they are an available amenity.

The Town of Hilton Head Island lists the following beaches as having the beach matting but it is also at some of the beach entrances inside the gated communities.

Palmetto Dunes Beach matting

Alder Lane Beach Access
Coligny Beach Park
Driessen Beach Park
Folly Field Beach Park
Islanders Beach Park
Mitchelville Beach Park