Planning a Wedding? Destination Weddings are all the rage and there isn’t a more beautiful place than Hilton Head Island to get hitched. Whether you want a traditional church wedding with a reception at a Country Club afterward or you want to exchange vows on the beach or the 18th on Harbour Town, it can happen.

Some things you should know before you start -
While our beaches are public, often the parking for guests to get to the ceremony is going to be an obstacle. Brides think that renting an oceanfront home is all they have to do, but there is so much more. For one thing depending on the time of year of your wedding, home rentals typically run from Saturday to Saturday so it makes the traditional Saturday nuptials hard to plan. If you are having under 25 people total, a homeowner might be willing for their house to host the party (and all the extra people using the facilities and traipsing through the home)  but always notify your rental againt that you are having a wedding so they can get approval from the owners. Another thing to think about is parking for those 25 guests. Even if you think there will be only 10 cars coming, most driveways can not accommodate that and parking on the street is a sure way for your guests' cars to be towed. If you are able to get it all planned, you will need to get a cost free permit from the Town of Hilton Head for the ceremony on the beach. And don’t forget you pay with cash (between $50 - $95) for the SC marriage license, that does have a 24 hour waiting period.
Let’s make this easier -
Hilton Head has wedding planners who can help you coordinate it all even if you are way out of town. If you have most of the details worked out you can contact individual caterers, florist, photographers etc. We also have companies and hotels that will do the whole package for you. And don’t forget the Island has churches of many denominations for your ceremony.

Pre-wedding or Honeymoon -
Don’t forget that HHI is perfect for that bachelor or bachelorette getaway that can include golfing or shopping or sipping drinks on the beach.

Link here for lots more information on a Hilton Head Island Wedding