Monday, September 26, 2011

On Hilton Head is everbody really from Ohio?

Recently on our page we posed an interesting question to our over 11,600 fans “Everyone makes jokes that all our visitors are from Ohio so let’s figure out if that is true! Whether you visit or live here, post wh you are from?” And the completely unscientific results came rolling in with – you guessed it – OHIO as the winner.

Of the 186 votes (people mentioned multiple places) here are the numbers
1 OH – 54
2 SC – 13
3 NC – 12
4 GA, KY, TN – 11
5 NY – 8
6 IL, MI, NJ, PA – 5
7 AL, CT, TX, VA – 4
8 FL, IN, MO, WV – 3
9 AR, AZ, CA, IA, MA WI – 2
10 DE, MD, MN, MS, MT, Germany, Costa Rica - 1

What was fun for us was reading the responses and while some just posted their state others were very proud of where they are from and how much they love Hilton Head too! Leave a comment and tell us where you are from too!

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